To Chinese parents the nternet does not pit children are not stupid

To Chinese parents the nternet does not pit children are not stupid

is very angry, and a small talk about the team on the matter for several days, yesterday he promised to come today.

early in the morning I asked him when he arrived.

" and discuss the home they don’t agree with " he gave me such a line of words out.

" worry about what, can’t you make your own decision? "

" they don’t let go, sorry "

I really want to curse TM, as long as we talk about when we say this, we do not need to waste time with each other for several days. Now to such a place, it is a bit of an egg. I don’t know what the parents think that your child is in pursuit of his Internet business, we set up the team, we provide financial resources, what are you worried about? Your child is more than and 20 years old man, an adult, he should make their own decisions.

typical Chinese parents.


in fact, many parents have put their children on the palm of the hand, containing in the mouth, so that the spirit of the children of men melt. In essence, they are adults, they are still children, boys, not men.

actually, I’ve met a couple of things like that.

these parents worry about what, in fact, I am able to understand to some extent.

we do is the Internet industry, invisible touch. Parents especially rural parents, that is the Internet as great scourges, that the Internet is a place on the bluff and deceive. They have never been exposed to the Internet, and they do not want their children to come into contact with the internet.


what a


you are behind the tide of the times, abandoned by the times, it may also allow your children to bear such a tragedy again,


just do not understand the Internet, let the children away from the Internet, which is simply in the crime, in order to break the children’s future.

is not just parents, these children are also worth reflection.

I have been here with " " children; to call them, they are already adults, more than and 20 year old people do not be called children, psychologically, they only deserve to have this call.

I also came from the countryside, I did not have any psychological for rural drinking water source also disgusted, instead.

I didn’t reject the new things because I came from the countryside. Never give up their career because of the opposition of parents.

for the first time, I’m going to get my three

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