To carry out e commerce marketing need competition weapon soft Wen is a must

To carry out e commerce marketing need competition weapon soft Wen is a must

determine the most critical position in the enterprise market revenue where


is not a TV or radio advertising time.

is not shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, these sales terminal location.

is not the number of telephone sales staff.

is not in the office and conference room.

it exists in the consumer’s consumer psychology, only touched the consumer’s inner world, activate the potential consumer demand. Will allow more consumers from passive consumption into active consumption, will make the company’s products or services to be the vast number of potential consumers, the recognition and acceptance of the brand.

first, do electricity providers must always face the battle

cake and risk will always coexist. In addition to the future and profits, e-commerce market also exists marketing risk. In the process of e-commerce marketing, enterprises should not only face the competition of the same industry, the same kind of rivals. But also to face the maturity of the giants have a strong market.

marketing is not only a kind of electronic commerce enterprise means of survival, is the essential weapon in the market competition, no one can be spared in the market competition. Because as long as the enterprise or e-commerce platform to carry out marketing, entered the field of electricity providers, it is necessary to face the existence or potential competitors. This is the commercial law, but also the objective reality of electricity supplier economic environment.

e-commerce companies must now pay attention to the superficial marketing system, or simply pay attention to incentives, management and other internal drivers. In the billowing smoke of war "King worship", we must find a strong competitive weapon, also is able to meet the economic strength, the integration of enterprise resources, enterprise business advantage, strengthen marketing efforts, and can be routed directly to the consumer’s psychological line of defense, to achieve rapid increase in the income of the market marketing.

two, electricity providers do have no money how to do

wide v.The

network can be formed in the short term hard advertising campaign and sales, has become the most preferred business platform of psychology.

in a round of high financing, Sohu, Sina home page full of e-commerce sites are full of advertising. Due to the massive influx of B2C web site online advertising market, online advertising is more expensive, large sites rose by 30% according to the law, the number of small sites turn up. Burn signs is more and more obvious, Baidu PPC, 360 site navigation network advertising began to rise. Blind advertising is to bring a return, iResearch data show that there are 3.4% Jingdong VANCL, the transaction conversion rate only 1.9%.

The traditional

network advertisement price is almost jump soaring, the propaganda effect is increasingly unsatisfactory. By the market marketing cost, profit rate and competition environment, in addition to the only product, where the customer, Jingdong, wheat bags, Dangdang, handle these.

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