What else do we need besides porn

What else do we need besides porn

      because the album was cracked, Electrolux (Chinese) electric appliance Limited company general manager assistant Shi Jing nude are exposed on the network, coupled with the beauty of female assistant identity, let these photos aroused great concern of users, Shi Jing was therefore a night fame has become a network "in the history of most female assistant"; this incident caused people in addition to wantonly spread of network pornography dissatisfaction, users also led to network security concerns.

      Network Pushing Hands fuel

      from the recent rapid change red network Reds body, it is not hard to see why pornography will be repeated, Mu Zimei and zhuyingqingtong, Yan and Shi Jing are relying on pornographic content in fame, behind this phenomenon, in addition to be able to see the famous people desire and stimulation to the information users the huge demand, can be seen Internet marketer sinister; in Jing Shi as a keyword search, can see a lot of concoction touted for her, and her company Electrolux also greatly enhance the visibility, after the rapid and obvious reaction makes people feel that this event is Electrolux in order to expand the reputation like a carefully planned public relations show.

      Internet and reality fusion

      development of the Internet today, and the reality of life is no longer quite distinct from each other the virtual and reality, the Internet can be viewed as an extension of the real society, which extends in a lack of practical legal and moral constraints of the environment, so that people desire to be infinite and satisfied; plus the cover of anonymity, behavior can be arbitrary, bad information on the Internet has become difficult to control and clear; and many websites according to the characteristics of some netizens, some users take the initiative to meet the pursuit of mental stimulation, in improving the drive CTR and the flow of pornography not only blind, some even active processing of bad information.

      the Internet may become a hotbed of criminal

      according to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center, under the age of 24 young Internet users accounted for more than half of the total number of China’s Internet users, these adolescents self binding is not strong, very easy to indulge in the network pornography and violence; and the current domestic Sohu, Sina, TOM and so on are filled with large sites full of erotic taste titles and pictures, video sites are 60% of the content related to pornography, including tudou.com is openly upload 3 piece; young netizens if long-term prostitution in this network environment, it is easy to go astray.

      with the importance of the Internet in people’s lives

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