Webmaster network broadcast Ma and then became the first good Zhou Menghan selling poison mask from

Webmaster network broadcast Ma and then became the first good Zhou Menghan selling poison mask from

1 Tencent integration of interest in social products to get through the hands of WeChat Q platform two  

Since the day before

QQ interested tribal open WeChat login state, recently Tencent layout in the social interest and the new action to upgrade the micro community, open WeChat and hand Q two platform, to achieve social interest in the Tencent’s product integration. By then, WeChat users click on the original micro community entrance, will jump directly to the corresponding interest tribe. The upgrade and integration will enable WeChat public number based on existing users, the new mobile phone QQ interested tribal large user system, enrich the user’s age structure, are also more likely to have diversified, high-quality content.

2 National Information Center: in 2020 China’s Internet users will reach 1 billion 100 million  

April 19th, Shenzhen Science Museum, nine step road report hall, director of the State Information Center Information Research Department Zhang Xinhong speech "Internet Economy: opportunities and choices China".

Nandu, director of research information Chinese state information center Zhang Xinhong yesterday at Nandu public forum, he explained on the Internet economy will bring opportunities to China how views, and revealed that China will react to the Internet economy.

3 Chinese movie sick, Internet thinking myrrh

Chinese film suffering from chronic diseases, but also with the advent of the Internet era has increased. When the number of directors, products and even Internet entrepreneurs, want to inject the most popular Internet thinking to have 100 year old film industry, the problem of inheritance and innovation, business and art, content and form in Chinese film industry, once again produced a seemingly irreconcilable contradiction.

Chinese film is sick, the Internet thinking medicine

with the fifth generation of China’s old director, the director of the sixth generation gradually to the main theme, commercial closer, China has entered the era of universal film. The star is old, can transition film writers; earn good money, a movie to make money; once the king level singer, also in order to achieve their own so-called dream, and make a movie. Today, even the star’s agent can make a movie. Although the box office market in China is still developing, the reputation of Chinese movie fans is getting worse and worse. In the "popular movie" era, many speculators through the "heresy" of the new media hype, in the movie "the China continue to drain the remaining credit".

4 chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma once again become China’s first good  

last weekend, the Hurun Research Institute released the 2015 Hurun philanthropy list, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba China Ma once again become the top philanthropist.

2015 Hurun philanthropy list statistics of the cash donation philanthropists from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015 and has legal effect >

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