Tencent Ali running mobile payment four red spring festival

Tencent Ali running mobile payment four red spring festival

news agency in Beijing on 4 February, (reporter Shiyan) seems to say goodbye to China traditional horse day ago, known as the "two" (Internet Tencent Inc holdings chairman and CEO Ma Huateng and Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun) under the command of camp around the Spring Festival Red, broke out again in a running".

2 this month, Ali products Alipay wallet to optimize the Spring Festival Red share function, the new WeChat and QQ entrance. However, after a few hours, users found that Alipay wallet has been unable to use WeChat’s share in the interface, leading to the red Alipay wallet can not share the WeChat platform.

is almost at the same time, some businesses also reflected by WeChat, WeChat public platform shops can not use the Alipay payment page indicates a "Taobao screen from WeChat browser request".


payment services for businesses including merchants WeChat store provided no change. Businesses and consumers can not be used for Alipay payment. If in doubt, contact WeChat consulting." 4, Ali public relations department in response to the news agency reporter. The implication is to expand the scope for shielding WeChat Alipay red, that hurt WeChat customers.

News Agency reporter contacted the Tencent public relations, the latter response is also hidden edge – the recent WeChat platform received user report shows that a large part of the source involved fake sale, false envelopes, fraud and other irregularities are from the third party platform to share a link. In order to protect the rights and interests of users, from the source to avoid the relevant risks, WeChat public platform will be the third party platform for violations of the rule of law.

When the Alibaba

group under the taobao.com fake door caught in the vortex of public opinion. Around this topic, Ali first started "slobber war" and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and was eyeing a US firm, who was accused of "publish misleading statements and conceal regulatory investigation, face collective action in the United states.

on the 4 day to the news agency statement, Ali also emphasized that the use of Alipay WeChat store payment interface with Alipay, one of the businesses taobao.com without any direct relationship.

analysis shows that the Tencent shielding Alipay’s motivation is not only for "fake". Since August 2013 WeChat online payment function, which is in direct competition with Alipay, Tencent, Ali products have repeatedly been dubbed the fight hand to hand with, mobile payment (WAQ Weixin, Alipay QQ, Alipay wallet payment) war. Behind it, the two are competing for the mobile Internet market, users and channels.

"for this period due to the payment is limited to the affected businesses, we welcome access to WeChat payment." Tencent in a written reply to the China News Agency reporters, it seems no intention to hide the above motives.

for mobile payment battle, has already spread to other Internet giants. >

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