The senior local farmer rice farmers domain name investment Road

The senior local farmer rice farmers domain name investment Road

in the Internet world, the domain name is called "corn", equivalent to the number; and domestic engaged in domain name registration and domain name business, naturally became the "rice farming". In recent years, frequently induced lakes disputes, opinion onlookers "rice farming", they are extremely secretive, low-key. How do they look after the domain name trading trader summon wind and call for rain,? It is a kind of business? A senior rice farmers told reporters that the exclusive behind the scenes.

bets: 0531 years up to 6 times

"local farmer" is more than and 30 years old this year, a media worked in Shandong, Ji’nan. I am a college related to IT, in 2002, the Internet has just started, I began to contact the domain name, also tried to buy one or two. At that time more blind, the domain name of the investment are embarrassed in the circle of Riti." He smiled and told reporters.

until 2007, a golden opportunity to come. When someone selling this domain name "", "local farmer" immediately move the heart. The 0531 is the area code for Ji’nan, I was setting up a Ji’nan local website, the domain name value as can be imagined."

but really want to start, but it is a difficult choice. The seller offer 100 thousand yuan, just to work near the "local farmer", which is overwhelmed by the numbers. But tens of thousands of home deposits, take this number, not only did not deposit, have to borrow. "For me, this is a great life proposition. After doing his wife’s ideological work, I chose to shoot." He told reporters, even when the home is also act as coin trading capital, the money in hand only hundreds of pieces, the child’s milk money are not available.

as the "local farmer", "" can not cover up the light, with the domain name, government departments, businesses have taken the initiative to come to talk about cooperation, he runs the website also gradually pick up. Not only that, by virtue of the domain name "local farmer" gold fame rapidly in Ji’nan Internet circle of fame.

More than two years after the

operation, the new problem attendant. Website development in urgent need of funds, "local farmer" had not. So he released the domain name transfer information in the trading platform. Eventually took over is a Ji’nan entrepreneur, the transaction price of both sides from 50 thousand, 100 thousand, 200 thousand has been raised to nearly the last of the nearly 700 thousand, we talked to the late night, at around 12 to complete the transaction. Because, I am afraid to the second day, I will not give up." "Local farmer told reporters.

more than two years, "" up to 6 times, so the money people envy, but "local farmer" repeatedly mentioned is "lost", "it feels like it’s your first girlfriend, you can’t give her happiness, just let her go".

after this incident, the "local farmer" of domain name investment interest multiplication. In recent years, he spent about 2000000 yuan, has continued to purchase more than and 300 names.


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