Month: March 2017

Xining city public security stability emergency command center foundation started Doc

Recently, the Xining municipal public security stability emergency command center groundbreaking ceremony held in the Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment

recently, the Xining municipal public security stability emergency command center groundbreaking ceremony held in the Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment. Municipal departments responsible person, the Municipal Public Security Bureau police representatives, representatives of the construction unit staff, more than 100 people attended the ceremony. read more

The number of active rescue wildlife has increased

so far in January 2013, Xining wildlife rescue center has 12 kinds of wild animals to rescue 46 (only), of which 39 (only) was successfully returned to the wild. "Now, more and more people are taking the initiative to rescue wild animals!" Xining wildlife rescue center, a staff member said.

October 18th, a reporter from the Xining Wild Animal Rescue Center learned that in recent years, Xining wild animal rescue center in addition to rescue the kestrels, swans and other rare animal, also helped manul, desert cat, pheasants and other wild animal. These animals are mainly due to injury, food poisoning, or illegal personnel in the market illegal transactions, seized by law enforcement officers. Even more gratifying is that people’s awareness of wildlife rescue greatly enhanced. Many people after the rescue of small animals, regardless of personal gains and losses, through various channels to find ways to get in touch with the Xining wildlife rescue center. Some people will therefore spend a lot of money, and in order to wait for ambulance personnel and spend time. (author: Zhang Pu)
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Seongbuk Haoxiliantai many cultural square activities for the public holidays

June 7th in the evening, the sunset gradually disappeared in the sky, Seongbuk Chaoyang Square rentouzandong abustle and astir to watch the show, people look forward to the ambiance of the square lit again. That night, the summer concert opera square Chengbei District Cultural Center organized performances held here, including Peking Opera, opera, opera, opera performances more than ten teams and opera performers from the area for the masses.

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The highest level of forest fire warning sounded

red is the highest level of forest fire warning signal. March 2nd 10, the Qinghai Provincial Office of forest fire prevention and the Qinghai meteorological station jointly change the forest fire warning orange warning signal for forest fire red. Xining, Haidong, Haixi, rambling, Hainan, Huangnan region has 30 consecutive days appeared more than 5 forest fire weather rating, extremely dangerous, caused by the possibility of forest fire is very large. At present, Xining has launched emergency plans, forest fire departments at all levels to enter a high alert.

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Xining City recruitment will show more than 4000 jobs

days ago, the city human resources and Social Security Bureau at Simon stadium in front of the North held "help talent and promote the development of private enterprises" as the theme of the recruitment day, provided a total of 4076 involving all sectors of the post, looking for a job for college graduates, job seekers migrant workers, veterans, urban unemployed and disabled the employment difficult personnel matchmaking.

It is reported that

, in order to increase the release of information to the District Bureau of human resources and social security issued by newspaper recruitment news, in the District, street (township), community (Village) work platform to provide timely, effective and suitable for the characteristics of employment information for job seekers. During the event, Qinghai Jieshen equipment manufacturing group, Yong Hong group, Mita West Qinghai Ferroalloy Company Limited 140 home units stationed in the venue, providing a total of 4076 jobs, mainly with HR professionals, remote sensing mapping, accounting, cashier, clerk, market sales, front-line technical workers, housekeeping, engineering cost, supervision division Engineer, quality inspection engineer jobs. Job fairs, job seekers to carefully check the recruitment, detailed inquiries related labor units, through two-way selection, the site has a total of 51 job seekers and employers to reach the intention of the employment agreement. (author: Rong Lijun) read more

Reporter the beautiful lake regression revisited

Jessica Green has not seen a trace of garbage, wide landscape road is hard to find the Luantingluanfang vehicles, greeted the cleaning staff busy scene, is the urban management staff is patient persuasion, most tourists behave civilized and orderly…… The old trees lined with green hills of the Lake District Fire ditch landscape and lake wetland park once again returned to the US.

in September 8th, the Xining Evening News "sad" reported in the newspapers near January, reporters once again into the Sea Lake District Fire ditch landscape and Lake Wetland Park, see and feel totally is a world of difference, great changes have taken place in the scenic environment, although individual visitors still litter, destruction of green space uncivilized behavior, but most visitors behavior has been greatly improved. Along the Huoshaogou landscape with the wide and clean road, Luantingluanfang vehicles and ornaments stalls disappeared, staff on duty at the time of the vehicle and roadside stalls were advised to leave. In the landscape, from time to time there are staff to discourage uncivilized behavior of tourists, cleaning staff to clean up the scattered garbage. Although many tourists, but the feeling of civilization and orderly, clear river came the laughter of children playing. Now the sea lake wetland park to prohibit all vehicles into the reporter, walking into the far green see the staff busy, before the garbage has been looted, green and green willows sway the wind seems to make extra fresh air here. Just a few hundred meters before the line, there are patrol staff came forward to remind: if you want to rest in the park, please leave the garbage away." Simple words but impressed reporters. A tired three sitting in the distance sitting on the side of the road is eating watermelon, parents are very careful to let the child into the watermelon skin into the garbage bag ready. The small bridge is reflected in the water, today’s wetland park with a new look to meet the tourists. (author: Xu Shunkai)
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North of the city to meet the national level of urban civilization index evaluation to promote

in order to fully meet the national civilized city evaluation index, to mobilize the whole region to act quickly, entered the check state of war, do the preparatory work, Chengbei District in August 10th held a national civilized city evaluation index to promote. The work of a city each responsibility unit, area schools and other units of civilization by responsible comrades were the evaluation of more than 90 people attended the meeting.
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Giant star 3D three dimensional painting today unveiled

The eighth session of the FIRST youth film exhibition opening soon, the film festival, the "expert review" and "ambassadors" will arrive in Xining on the first 19. In order to create a festive atmosphere for the festival, then, with a huge theme painting three-dimensional image of the star will be assigned to you this year the festival activities of the main position of Xining Richpower Commercial Plaza lane, I believe will be attracted to the citizens of Xining to stop looking, self stop. read more

Agricultural base to become the main city of Xining North planting industry

The north area of Xining city in the area of national and provincial key projects to increase efforts to accelerate the pace of city construction, the development of agricultural production, the actual land area decreased year by year, in strengthening the agricultural "city" positioning, the development of "quality" of agricultural products, to a high standard of solar greenhouse construction in the main fruit and vegetable planting base to speed up the pace.

the project to green agriculture ecological garden building 258, Xufeng agricultural demonstration garden 210 building, Hui Tian Nongchao docking fruit and vegetable plantations of 240 high standard greenhouse construction drive, has built a vegetable planting base 12, the production area of 800 acres. Planting base construction set fruit and vegetable planting, sightseeing and picking, recognized species of adoption as a whole, service city, wealthy farmers, to meet the city residents return to nature and experience the leisure lifestyle of farm combined with the construction of a high standard design, the scale of the development of greenhouse vegetable and fruit production base. At present, vegetable planting base of 32 million 367 thousand kilograms of food, accounting for the region’s total vegetable production of 70.4%. Hui Tian vegetable and fruit cultivation base to become the province’s first agricultural super docking production base, the annual production of more than 1300 tons of vegetables, the average daily supply to the Hakka and other supermarkets supply more than 7000 kilograms of vegetables, welcomed by consumers. District departments actively seek special funds from the provinces and cities, the existing greenhouse vegetable base year by year to the size of the region mainly for water conservancy facilities, such as the upgrade package to the wall, effectively enhance the level of production of greenhouse vegetable base for winter season vegetable production, improve the production efficiency and laid the foundation. With the north suburb of the new rural construction "three focus" work, planning and construction of 8 large-scale farming area, breeding pigs and other livestock breeding and selection of more than 6000, large scale pig farming district, plans to implement the comprehensive utilization project of pig farm biogas in the year, reduce farm manure emissions, protect the surrounding environment. To improve breeding efficiency. (author: Liu Zhiqiang) read more