Month: April 2017

After 90 beauty jewelry shop earned 100 thousand

every entrepreneur in the absence of success, will have some ups and downs in the entrepreneurial experience, at the same time, now people venture the whole society has become more and more, the society also has a lot of good business case is worth people to think about the reasons for the success.

in Chongqing city Yangjiaping merol shopping paradise at the entrance, a jewelry shop surrounded by several girls, is the selection of Pearl earrings. The boss Su Sheng side will stick to a tiny silver pearl on the side to recommending goods off the reel. Who would have thought that a year ago, he was a university teacher. read more

Do you want to do electricity supplier rural economy

in recent years, the prosperity and development of various cities, many farmers are working in the city to make a living, which undoubtedly caused a large loss of rural labor force, resulting in a piece of land deserted. Internet era, its hot electricity supplier model can also benefit the dividend of the countryside? Rural economies do electricity providers fly it? Let’s talk about it.

rural economies do business, selling?

Although the

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90 girls sun flower resigned not to believe too cold

over the past two years there have been a variety of wonderful online resignation letter, the most famous is a handful of numbers, the world is so big I want to see". Recently, a girl in the sun drying out his wonderful resignation letter, the reason for the resignation of the winter is too cold to get up, intends to hibernate first. Raise public opinion hot.

23 working days, 17 days late; Changsha winter cold, not getting up in the morning. After 90 Miss Liu chose to resign.


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Join the highest density fast food chicken how good Unlimited Business Opportunities

brand with innovative awareness, always very attractive to consumers. How about the top chicken fast food? Not only has the sense of innovation, but also has the potential to choose the brand to join the project. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, the highest density of fast food chicken joined the project, is a wise choice.

join the highest chicken fast food, the most promising feature food, easy to join big money. With the recognition of consumers, there is a market, from their recognition of the brand’s point of view, the highest chicken Taiwan food is a very good brand, whether it is consumption or entrepreneurship. This is a good choice, it is very exciting brand. read more

Sofit low key noble luxurious dessert

French aristocratic temperament is the world’s pursuit of the people, which can be well reflected in the French dessert. Sofitel – the only high-end luxury brand in accor. Sofit 6 years ago to enter the Nanjing market, including Zijin Mountain Residence Golf and Yin He Hotel brand hotel two. Nanjing Sofitel Zijin Mountain Residence Golf is located in the Zijin Mountain scenic area, Gary Player designed 27 hole golf championship stadium in close proximity. Charming scenery around, the perfect combination of romantic French style, to meet your business needs of leisure. Sofitel Galaxy Hotel Hunan Road is located in the bustling commercial center, has 278 rooms and Suites, modern design and luxurious hotel, comfortable rooms with facilities, indoor swimming pools and tennis courts and rich in Western-style food delicious, is the best choice for business guests. read more

Cosmetics store procedures and techniques shop

at present, we all know that the cosmetics market has always been a very hot market. Moreover, the choice of cosmetics agents, has attracted a lot of young entrepreneurs eyes. So, open a shop of their own beauty how to profit? Let’s take a look at it!

open beauty franchise stores have a doorway is the number of your purchase on the grasp, the number of purchases, including a number of parties, such as the amount of purchase, the purchase of goods, the type and quantity of a single commodity, etc.. Determine the purchase amount have a relatively simple method, namely the shop you add up the monthly operating costs (including rent, tax, cost management of artificial hydropower, etc.), and then divided by the rate of profit, the data that is you every month to purchase amount. read more

Analysis of the market prospect of Seafood Hotpot

Because of the popularity of

and the rapid increase of the Hot pot, now Hot pot shops such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain rise rapidly, a lot of preparation to choose Hot pot store franchisees are hesitant to join the Hot pot shop how to choose? Hot pot join really have a broad market prospects?

called " Hot pot, soup, antique " made by food into boiling water " plump " sound and its name, it is China original delicacy, has a long history. According to research, the Eastern Han Dynasty is Hot pot, Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty "ask Liu Shijiu" poem: "green ants new grains wine, red small stove. Late day to snow, can drink a cup? "Vividly describes the scene at that time to eat Hot pot. To the Song Dynasty, the method of eating hot pot has been very common in the civil society, the Southern Song Dynasty, Lin’s "mountain home for the" recipe, there will be friends with the introduction of hot pot. Yuan Dynasty, hot pot spread to Mongolia area, used to cook beef and mutton. To the Qing Dynasty, not only in the popular Hot pot, and became a famous dish, " " court; material is pheasant venison etc.. Today, a variety of hot pot brand new features. Here we come to the analysis is the edge of the fragrant seafood pot. read more

Fashion boutique how to get a good profit

fashion boutiques in life is very common, such shops are generally young women oriented fashion consumers, if you do not know what they like, what is popular in the market is certainly not a good shop. Do not understand the business management can take a look at this tip, I hope you can help.

boutique store consumers in the psychological or there will be a subconscious choice, will continue to visit a lot of stores for comparison. The majority of consumers believe that if the shop is not attractive enough to attract, there will be no too much impression, so that they will not let their own shops to understand and consumption. read more

Crystal ten brands list

this special crystal jewelry, luxury and beautiful, noble and elegant, coupled with changes in economic conditions of the people, so that the entire market ushered in a huge demand, is to let the brand industry to get a more rapid development, and the formation of the crystal ten brand list. Here, let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal such a list.

crystal top ten brands NO.1, SWAROVSKI: founded in 1895 in Austria, a large multinational group, the world’s leading brands of crystal industry, SWAROVSKI (Swarovski) group. read more

Chongqing college students’ investment losses when the rally Pedicure carpenter venture

students in the Pedicure when carpenter, believed that many people think that college students are not actually unbelievable, stoop, just once the investment fails to let him find the motivation to start, from the start Pedicure carpenter, re start, in order to lay a good foundation for entrepreneurship.

in College Students

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