Month: August 2017

The reason the website is more and more difficult to be included in the clear to you

The architecture of

site itself determines the speed of search engine website and included the number, the requirements in the news source site is obvious, many sites in Shanghai for love news source site failed is the site itself not structure. This is our website UEL, love Shanghai spiders love is a directory structure better, this love for Shanghai spiders crawl is more favorable. If the site level of many words, love Shanghai in the spider crawling will feel very troublesome, so early in building site must take the web ready, so in the future online on the line, can make the website more conducive to the love of Shanghai. read more

What problems will be encountered are search engine optimization process


through the observation and study for a period of time, the two models are the same, that is relative to the two address under the same conditions do not exist the problem of priority.

is a particularly strenuous exercise expend time and energy for Shanghai dragon er the original. So most of the time spent in the almost pseudo original and chain of things. Some say before, where he still agree, for example, disrupt the paragraph, replaced synonyms for the 8 and so on. After 30, found that some methods can’t meet our search engine has changed. Let me see some recently discovered some examples: read more

Chastity when speculation rampant Shanghai Dragon into the clouds

investment speculation

is two years old domain, domain once discovered before is a wholesale website. Website optimization can be said that basically did not do what Shanghai dragon Links is out of order. What type of website, but the website must now IP every day a lot, so the website also hung a lot of advertising through the benefits of this marketing hype is very fast. But I think it is only a short-term profit, after all, most now to visit the site it is seen on the network news, micro-blog and other information. People are curious, especially in the network. This is our profit rate of these Er were far behind the Shanghai dragon. But this site is only the so-called "flow" in today’s society, there is no real significance. There are several reasons: read more

Five ways to enhance the quality of the site to prevent search engine site error

now says Shanghai Longfeng optimization, an obvious trend is to let each person do his best to please the search engine, search engine can hope as much as possible included your web site and give your site a higher weight, keywords ranking higher, this approach is not incorrect, but this initiative please, once into errors, such as through the temptation to let search engine as the black hat method, will naturally lead to crash! In fact do website optimization objective is to make their sites more friendly, more user experience, through the improvement of the quality of the site itself, to make the search engine active please you, is the ultimate skill of website optimization below! I have to share with you the five methods read more

How to make the site within three days were included to share the love of Shanghai


6. text add links:


now love Shanghai included automatic speed has let people know, so put forward the following method. For all the Shanghai dragon enthusiasts refer to learning.

love Shanghai post inside knowledge is very important, because here we can add new links so that we can widely our site popularity, let Shanghai know we love such a website, then he will look like this, for our new really good! Here I do not say about the post in Shanghai know some of the methods and skills! I believe you have a very clear read more

How to let the old site in Shanghai love update more and more stable

to change the content of the original site reproduced less edit mode

wants to keep their old website ranking steady, steady, included a new snapshot, then.

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every time you love Shanghai update will always be a part of this website down, let many of the old owners feel the love of Shanghai is heartless, as he love Shanghai search engine more is to consider the interests of users, and for some of the old site is down right or be K are due to the site itself caused by insufficient, and want to own the site tends to be stable in love in Shanghai, so we must change the idea and method of construction site, detailed below we talk about how to let the old site in Shanghai love update more and more stable. read more

About the love of Shanghai how quickly out of the study period to love Shanghai

love Shanghai study how to optimize the site? How fast out of the love of Shanghai

The !During the

is the first to know what love is Shanghai the new study period: the period of the railway station, said here refers only to the sandbox effect equivalent to Google’s love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai period refers to the new site after the completion of the audit inspection confirmed Shanghai need love is not love Shanghai garbage station will be included. The time may be 20 days may also be a month or more, 贵族宝贝myblogff贵族宝贝/ is by many factors determine the frequency of site updates and the chain etc.. This time love Shanghai included only a small part of the web page or inside pages, is the webmaster is love Shanghai new study period read more

How big data era enterprise grassroots webmaster for marketing and Shanghai Dragon

4, the message set. This >

1, the use of free

as a grassroots webmaster do not know only a short while ago big data has smoke, and kill people in the invisible, the traditional experience of samba football by rigorous data of the German tanks crazy over, surprised at the same time, is also a reminder to the grassroots webmaster, pay attention to big data.

2, do

said the big data maybe a lot of people do not understand, give you one example. One is the traditional enterprise station grassroots webmaster, often search for rice, grains, recent attention as well as the trademark registration, website content. Now I on the Internet, a lot of "fell in love with the sea, love Shanghai almost all all information pages, news, 100 will appear to be related to food advertising, joining, catering and other related. Click to open almost everywhere is bidding, no natural ranking. Love Shanghai backstage database records of my search habits, and provide a click choice for me. There are some other sites will appear on the promotion, such as: read more

B2B enterprise website optimization new method to rank well to go two roads

: the first road bidding

but, although the auction has a series of problems, but in website optimization, bidding is indispensable. Especially popular industry, is the largest power bidding. Bidding ranking, chance customer resources is higher, the ranking, although it costs less, but relatively, as well as the resources of top-ranking companies. Therefore, even if the B2B enterprises know the malicious click there, there are still many companies willing to walk this road.

In fact,

in addition, the existence of malicious click that companies in the statistical data when some errors, can not accurately judge the rewards of bidding and investment is proportional to. read more

Guo Yeye what determines the quality of promotion Keywords love Shanghai

2. framework – love Shanghai account, plan – unit – keywords, love Shanghai account is a website, a website for Shanghai dragon framework, we in the framework of the promotion of the time want to try to do is plan, unit, key words reasonable, such as brand promotion, business promotion plan. Different plans to include the most relevant units, business promotion plan can include website construction unit, love Shanghai promotion unit, is actually doing correlation. If the business promotion program springing a clothing sale unit, Guo Yeye love Shanghai promotion unit, is not appropriate, the overall structure of accounts must be clear, so to comb keywords and enhance the degree of quality is good. read more