Month: February 2021

How IT financing can help your business grow and thrive

first_imgAs the leader of Dell’s in-house financing provider, every day I see businesses grapple with the difficulty of keeping up with rapidly evolving technology trends while managing tight IT budgets.In fact, a recent Techaisle survey showed that budget constraints are the top IT challenge for small and medium business owners. That’s why customers of all sizes need a financing partner with the knowledge and flexibility to offer a custom solution that will lead to more savings for the business.With the variety of options available, financing can be just as important as the choice of technology solution.Here are just a few of the benefits customers tell us they get from working with Dell Financial Services (DFS):Preserving cash and beating budget constraints: Financing, rather than paying for a solution outright, offers far more advantages than basic capital preservation. It can allow a business to take a holistic strategic approach to addressing their technology needs for today and tomorrow. Plus, financing with an in-house partner like DFS can offer more flexible terms and conditions than other sources of financing, enabling you to meet specific budget and cash flow requirements.Accelerating ROI and increasing operational efficiency: In that same Techaisle survey, 58% of small and medium business respondents said they agree or strongly agree that the role of technology is to “improve operational efficiency.” DFS works with businesses to reduce complexity and risk, spreading costs over multiple budget cycles. We also offer flexible terms and conditions customized to your technology solution and the needs of your business. This can help you grow with your technology instead of out of it.Flexible consumption options: DFS offers flexible consumption options that give businesses the most flexibility possible as they respond to changing technology needs. These payment options allow businesses to scale their usage based on demand (pay-per-use), plan for technology refresh cycles as the business grows, or evaluate new technology before purchasing it outright.Beyond the products, there is a unique advantage to working with dedicated DFS account teams embedded in the sales motion for a complex IT purchase. We can finance the total solution through one sales motion, and that can make life much easier for customers like Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs.When Watershed needed to implement a new IT infrastructure within a limited budget, they turned to Dell for a new private cloud solution based on Dell servers, storage and networking. Whit Baker, Watershed’s IT Director, said in addition to Dell providing the best deal, he valued the peace of mind offered by the financing expertise of the dedicated DFS account teams:“…because the Dell Financial Services guys already knew everyone working in sales and infrastructure, the communication between them freed me up from having to convey this information to another financing facility. I would be spending my time all day long trying to describe all this equipment to them and why we need to purchase this. I’ve been relieved of that burden, because DFS is doing that work for me.”&nbsp;</p><p>Every year, DFS helps hundreds of thousands of Dell customers and channel partners like Watershed acquire $4 billion of Dell (and non-Dell) hardware, software and services. That’s a lot of conversations with businesses of all shapes and sizes. In those conversations, we’ve seen time and again how the right financing solution, paired with the right technology, can really help a business grow and thrive.last_img read more

Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program: Give Your Customers Redefined Investment Protection

first_imgGive Your Customers Redefined Investment ProtectionWe all rely and pay for a variety of insurance policies to give us protected assurances for fairly large investments we make such as cars, health and life insurance. So why should technology investments be any different? In order to operate efficiently now and well into the future, your customers require confidence in their infrastructure when they purchase Dell EMC products and solutions. We offer world-class technology and programs that you support and sell but we want to provide customers and ultimately you MORE VALUE.Back in early November we launched the new Future-Proof Storage Loyalty program for Midrange Storage – but we are not stopping there. Due to overwhelming excitement and feedback, we are now expanding the program to include our High-End, Unstructured and Data Protection systems – and we added clear, predictable support pricing.Dell EMC’s Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program is comprised of seven industry-leading offers:3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee – unmatched in the industry. Manufacturers typically offer only 30 days4:1 Storage Efficiency Guarantee – if customers follow Dell EMC’s recommended best practices they’ll get effective logical storage capacity at least 4X their purchased physical capacity. And there are no complex pre-assessments eitherNever-Worry Data Migrations – seamless upgrades and built-in on-line data migration technology, so it’s always easy for your customers to move upHardware Investment Protection –Always trade-in Dell EMC or competitive systems for credit towards next gen Dell EMC storage or HCI product offeringsAll-Inclusive Software – with Dell EMC Storage your customers will have everything they need included with their purchase to store and manage their dataBuilt-in Virtustream Storage Cloud – Dell EMC Unity All-Flash customers immediately get the benefit of a built-in hybrid cloud with 1 year free Virtustream capacity at 20% of their purchased storage capacityClear Price – Consistent and predictable support pricing and services for your customer’s storage and data protection applianceLeveraging the strength of Dell Technologies, the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program offers the industry’s strongest satisfaction guarantee: 3 years versus our competitors who provide 30 days for their programs and is executed by Dell EMC’s global direct sales teams and offered to participating Dell EMC’s Global partners.The Opportunity? The Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program gives you one more tool in your arsenal to bring the best storage products and solutions with confidence to your customers. It provides you the opportunity to start new conversations, handle competitive objections and claims, drive strong customer loyalty and at the end of the day drive more revenue.To learn more about the program and how you can offer this investment protection to your customers, visit Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Partner Page.last_img read more

Redefining Meetings in the New Decade

first_imgExtended IT features:Optional, automatic over-the-air updatesExpanded telemetry to provide insight into collaboration space usageDynamic display for smarter rooms Refreshed User Interface: Intel Unite® solution has updated its look and feel and is now touch-enabled. Users can:Annotate on touchscreen for both hubs and clientsUtilize dynamic the room display optionAccess plugins seamlessly on mobile devices Make IT Easier to Manage – If Intel® vPro™ platform is already part of the existing infrastructure, then Intel Unite® solution should be a breeze to integrate. Make greater use of current IT monitoring and control capabilities to help reduce costs and improve manageability.Manage remotely – Use Intel Unite® solution’s admin portal, along with the full capabilities of Intel vPro platform, to manage conference room mini-PCs from any location: everything from basic upkeep and patching to remote repairs.Keep meetings secure – To join the meeting, participants are required to enter a rotating PIN code. Outside guests can be granted access with as many (or few) network permissions as are chosen to be allowed.Safeguard sensitive data – Using Intel Unite® solution, meetings are protected with the enterprise-grade TLS 1.2 data encryption. What happens in smarter meetings stays in smarter meetings.Optimized for Dell Technologies Unified Workspace: IT admins can manage their OptiPlex devices seamlessly using Unified Workspace through a flexible, predictable usage model while leveraging the Dell Technologies portfolio. Unified Workspace allows the IT professional to deploy, manage, support and secure data and devices across operating systems, devices and cloud environments on a global scale.At Dell Technologies, we have spent the past few decades innovating and changing and that will continue into this decade. But the one thing that will never change is our commitment to delivering the solutions our customers need to lead their respective industries.Here’s to another 25 years of leading the industry with OptiPlex! Let us know what features you’re most excited about in comments below.[1] Beating the Meeting Blues with Better Technology, Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: A custom study commissioned by Intel, January, 2018center_img Welcome to the new decade! As with any new year, we all have the opportunity to redefine ourselves. Maybe you will become a yogi or a world traveler or a coder, the possibilities are endless. Just like you, here at Dell, we are working to redefine how our customers work and with Dell + Intel Unite® solution, we are proud to give them a solution that will redefine user-friendly meeting spaces.With Dell + Intel Unite® software on OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, we are combining the flexibility of choice our customers love from the Ultra with the breadth of business plugins and UCC applications available on Intel Unite solution, to deliver an innovative work experience built for a new decade.Meetings are an everyday part of our customer’s lives. From large enterprises to small learning spaces meetings to the healthcare industry, meetings are a must, but Forrester recently found that over 82 percent of IT decision-makers cite integration challenges with their meetings tools[1]. This can leave customers feeling frustrated, meetings delayed and productivity severely limited. With Intel Unite collaboration solution, we are bringing a better user interface and extended IT features to our customers. From allowing meetings to begin faster via PIN, a meeting link, ultrasonic meeting join, or badge scan access to the ability for attendees to switch presenters instantly, share high-quality images, audio and video, or feature up to 4 simultaneous presenters per monitor, all with real-time annotations, this solution works as hard as you do.We are proud to introduce this breakthrough collaboration solution, with the new OptiPlex 7070 Ultra driving Intel Unite collaboration software. This allows users to experience an all new way to meet with a powerful and secure collaboration solution. Available to customers now, Intel Unite® 4.0 offers several new features, including:Native Touch and Touch Back: Users can control the Intel Unite® App from a touch display and access plugins from a meeting room display. They can also control Windows 10 devices from the front of the room.last_img read more

Delivering Innovation in the Data Era with ECS 3.5

first_imgThe data decade is in full swing and it appears to be living up to the name.Data growth continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace and the increased digitization of our daily lives only has a compounding effect on the rate of data creation. IDC’s projections bear this out: “within the next four years, the global economy will finally reach ‘digital supremacy,’ with more than half of GDP driven by products and services from digitally transformed enterprises.”It has never been more critical that organizations support the applications, websites, cameras, home security systems, IoT sensors, and everything else we depend on in our daily lives. But in order to do so, companies must invest in storage technologies which empower them to capture all this data—the majority of which is unstructured in nature—and serve it up to their constituents at a moment’s notice.Object storage systems are excellent candidates to do just that, and at Dell Technologies, we’ve got the best platform for the job. It’s called Dell EMC ECS.We’ve made some innovative strides in the last few months to further enhance the value this object storage platform brings to organizations of all stripes. Our latest step on this journey of continuous innovation brings us to this release: ECS 3.5.ECS 3.5 features compelling new capabilities such as:SSD for metadata read caching: Organizations looking to unlock more performance from their ECS appliances now have the option to include a 960GB flash drive per node. This improves system-wide read latency and IOPS, supporting analytics workloads which require faster reads of large data sets.Streamlined tech refresh functionality: We’ve made it even easier to migrate to the latest generation of ECS hardware via a non-disruptive upgrade process. By streamlining the evacuation of data from old nodes within a cluster, organizations can ensure continuity of operations while extending the life of their ECS investments.Customer replaceable drive upgrades (CRU): We’ve also enabled customers to take a DIY approach to replacing faulty drives. Now, with ECS 3.5, tech savvy IT teams don’t have to rely on an onsite Dell technician for break-fix, accelerating time-to-resolution.IAM support with object tagging: ECS 3.5 introduces support for identity and access management (IAM) with object tagging which provides IT departments more granular controls over resource access. Organizations can more easily incorporate company-defined user policies to improve their overall security posture.S3a support: ECS 3.5 also unlocks unique analytics and big data scenarios by enabling Hadoop data to be stored on ECS using the S3a protocol. This new capability has been certified for Cloudera’s QATS suite and integrates with IAM features to improve security for Hadoop workloads.And there’s a lot more where that came from. With these latest enhancements, it’s never been a better time to think through how ECS can unlock the value of your data. Whether you want to stand up cost-effective archives, modernize existing apps to take advantage of the simplicity of our object architecture or support the development of cloud-native applications, the versatility and economics of ECS make it all possible on one single platform.There are a number of exciting developments ahead for ECS. Stay tuned!last_img read more

Giving Tuesday: It’s Personal

first_imgGiving back is personal – and often born out of tragedy. More than $16.5 billion has been donated since COVID-19 turned our world upside down. That’s according to Candid, a nonprofit that tracks corporate philanthropy. For our family, the loss of my sister-in-law to Type 1 diabetes motivates our giving and the annual memorial scholarship we give in her name. And of course, tragedy does not always result from a single event but also from systemic issues that motivate community support and giving.This Giving Tuesday – a day started in 2012 to encourage people to do good – we celebrate the generosity in all of us – in ourselves, our companies and communities to make a difference no matter what motivates us. No matter how big or small. Here at Dell Technologies, a key pillar of our giving strategy is to empower our employees for collective impact. Making individual giving bigger. For every dollar a team member gives to a charity of their choice, up to $10,000 through our giving tool, we match. Doubling the collective impact of employee-led philanthropy. For our family, this is personal. Dell helps make our impact bigger, which we see every year in the kid we help send to college.“This Giving Tuesday – a day started in 2012 to encourage people to do good – we celebrate the generosity in all of us – in ourselves, our companies and communities to make a difference no matter what motivates us.”ShareWe also see our direct impact from the time we give. Simon Seagrave, director of the Dell Technologies demo team, joined a national movement to use 3D printing as a stopgap measure to address the personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage we saw earlier this year. Using his own 3D printer and buying a new one, Simon is making face shields for frontline COVID-19 responders.So far this year, team members like Simon have given more than 460,000 hours to their communities and innovated social solutions to help us reach our goal of impacting 1 billion lives by 2030. Kim Boutwell, one of our giving team managers, turned her idea to deliver technology skills and access to students at-scale into a company-led initiative. What has become known as the Dell Student TechCrew, Kim’s program trains students to be on-campus technical support at their high schools. When it piloted last year, more than 120 high school students completed Dell TechDirect certification—the same certification our customers and internal teams complete to support and service our customers. By the end of this year, roughly 2,000 Student Tech Crew members will be certified and go on to train the next class and provide technical support to 250,000 of their classmates. It’s a self-sustaining model with our technology expertise at the heart of it.<span style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” data-mce-type=”bookmark” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> Like with Dell Student TechCrew, our corporate giving focus is to put our technology, people and scale to work to transform lives. But we can’t do it alone. It takes partnership and a collaborative effort, which is why we launched the Tech Pro Bono platform. Tech Pro Bono pairs nonprofits in need of expertise with Dell team members who have matching skillsets. Since we started in 2019, team members have contributed more than 1,700 hours, collectively contributing to projects like implementing inventory management systems and data migration. This year, the focus extended to help reach our goal of digitally transforming 1,000 non-profits. This is especially important in the wake of the pandemic. One of the biggest obstacles charitable organizations face as they adapt to a more virtual world is the lack of infrastructure and access to technologies to move their work online. Since digital transformation is our business, we’re here to help.Our pro bono work with the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF), a global United Nations (UN) partnership that supports women-led peace building groups, is a great example of technology accelerating impact. Together, we’ve established an online community that facilitates knowledge sharing for grassroots peace builders in 20 countries. It’s sparked collaboration and a global movement of women working to build peace and respond to crises on the front lines.Transforming 1 billion lives feels audacious and unachievable at times. It will require a lot from us. But because giving is personal, I know we can achieve it. This Giving Tuesday, we have a lot to celebrate and a lot more to give. One volunteer, one gift, one life at a time. Together, we can do it.Find out more on our 2030 Social Impact agenda and how we are measuring our progress here.last_img read more

Dutch arrest alleged Canadian drug baron on Interpol warrant

first_imgAMSTERDAM (AP) — Australian police say a suspected Canadian drug baron has been arrested in the Netherlands on an Interpol warrant. The 57-year-old was detained on Friday and is of “significant interest” to Australian and other law enforcement agencies. Australian police say he was targeted as part of an operation that dismantled a global crime syndicate in 2019 that was accused of trading large amounts of illegal drugs and laundering the profits. The Australian police plan to seek his extradition. The suspect’s name was not released by Dutch authorities, in line with the country’s privacy rules, but media widely reported it to be Tse Chi Lop.last_img read more

Firm indefinitely delays plans to retrieve Titanic’s radio

first_imgNORFOLK, Va. (AP) — The company that owns the salvage rights to the Titanic shipwreck has indefinitely delayed plans to retrieve and exhibit the vessel’s radio equipment because of the coronavirus pandemic. The company announced the delay in a court filing made Friday in a federal admiralty court in Norfolk, Virginia. RMS Titanic Inc. cited difficulties of international travel and health risks to the expedition team. The company has also lost revenue after virus-related restrictions closed exhibits of its vast collection of Titanic artifacts. Even without the pandemic, the expedition is far from guaranteed. The firm has been in an ongoing court battle with the U.S. government over whether the undertaking is legal.last_img read more

UN presses for access to Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region

first_imgUNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. Security Council is discussing the grave humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region as senior U.N. officials are pressing the government for access to deliver aid to hundreds of thousands of people. Diplomats said U.N. humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock called the situation “dire” at Wednesday’s closed  council meeting and said it will get worse if aid and measures to protect civilians aren’t rapidly increased.  Lowcock said the U.N. has received reports that food is scarce in markets mainly because the conflict in Tigray broke out in November during the harvest and supply routes are cut, the diplomats said,last_img read more

Myanmar restaurant in Bangkok promotes anti-coup activity

first_imgBANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — As expatriates from Myanmar around the world react to the military’s lightning takeover of their homeland, one restaurant in neighboring Thailand is working a diner at a time to help support members of Bangkok’s Myanmar community who want take action against Monday’s coup. Instead of paying for their meals, customers at Mandalay Food House in Bangkok are asked to donate to a fund to support Myanmar activists in Thailand who are protesting the power seizure from the elected civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi. They are considering campaigning online, distributing petitions and anything else they can do lawfully. Many of the patrons also attended several small rallies in Bangkok outside the Myanmar Embassy and in front of the United Nations’ regional office.last_img read more