Ebola concerns in St Catharines hospital

Doctors are taking no chances, after a patient at St Catharines General Hospital who recently traveled to the heart of the ebola outbreak began to show symptoms.The patient came to the ER with flu-like symptoms such as fever and muscle weakness. The red flag went up when the hospital found out the patient had recently returned from west Africa where there is an outbreak of the deadly virus. The hospital isn’t saying if the patient is a man or woman and aren’t releasing the person’s age. But they say they have isolated the patient and out of an abundance of caution have put the patient in a negative pressure unit here at the hospital. The negative pressure unit has its own air filtration system so none of the air from the room is recirculated back through the hospital. The ebola outbreak has killed more than 1500 people in west Africa. The three countries hardest hit are Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The fatality rate is very high: usually 90 per cent. But in this outbreak there’s a 55 per cent mortality rate. Symptoms are high fever, bleeding and severe muscle weakness. And it was one symptom that this patient had that concerned hospital officials, although they won’t say which one. Dr Tom Stewart, chief of staff: “The patient is doing well. I expect that to be the case and I think it’s a low chance that this patient has ebola but we are doing everything possible to make sure they don’t.”People here don’t seem concerned about the threat. Everyone we talked to said they are confident the hospital is doing everything it can.The patient has been tested for ebola. Those tests have been sent to the National Laboratory in Winnipeg; it will take 24 to 48 hours before the results come in. read more